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ICAHRE co-sponsored the 2nd International Conference on Alcohol and Harm Reduction. The conference was held in Warsaw, Poland, on August 25-28, 2004. It was a great conference with 200 participants from 35 different countries. During three days, the participants worked in many interactive sessions on the development of an action plan. This action plan will be published in the fall of 2004.
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Read about the first book published by ICAHRE:
Alcohol and Harm Reduction, an innovative approach for countries in transition

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During a special event at the 14th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm in Thailand, on April 9, 2003, Ernst Buning (left), president of ICAHRE, presented the first copy of the book to Dr. Vladimir Poznyak of the World Health Organisation

On Friday, August 30th, 2002, the International Coalition on Alcohol and Harm Reduction was officially launched in Recife, Brazil, during the closing session of the 1st International Conference on Alcohol and Harm Reduction, towards a comprehensive policy in countries in transition and developing countries.

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After launching ICAHRE, from left to right: Monica Gorgulho (Brazil), Ewa Osiatynska (Poland), Ernst Buning (Netherlands), Ana Gloria Melcop (Brazil), Bill Stronach (Australia)

Why a coalition?

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Our mission:

(1) To promote alcohol policies aimed at the reduction of alcohol related harm, which are:

(2) To promote alcohol education, which is honest, based on facts and aimed at the strengthening personal responsibility.

(3) To urge the alcohol industry to:

(4) To promote the exchange of information and experience

(5) To stimulate research and evaluation of alcohol harm reduction interventions, assessment studies of alcohol related harm and to facilitate the dissemination of the results

(6) To give special attention to the development of alcohol harm reduction policies and interventions in countries in transition and developing countries

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What do we do?

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Who can participate?

If you wish to join the coalition, we advise you to carefully read the mission statement. We expect those who join the coalition to agree with the mission statement. The coalition aims at

  1. Practitioners, researchers and policymakers who are actively involvement in the alcohol field (or wish to do so) and who are interested to contribute towards policy reform in the alcohol field.
  2. Those who are directly affected by alcohol related problems and wish to contribute to the development of innovative approaches to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Since the coalition wants to keep an independent status, we can not accept participants who have a formal link with the alcohol industry

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How to join?

Joining the coalition is possible through our website (www.icahre.org) or by sending us an email (info@icahre.org).

The information requested is:

  1. Name
  2. Organisation
  3. Short description of involvement in the alcohol field
  4. Contact details (including email address)

Note: the information you provide to us will be used in our database. If you object to that, please make this clear to us.

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How is ICAHRE organised?

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