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The conference was organised by Quest for Quality BV (Q4Q) and the International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA). Co-organisers are Dinamo, (Brazil) and the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP). The Conference is supported by the GAHR-Net, the Global Alcohol Harm Reduction Network and Youth RISE, the International Youth Network for Harm Reduction .

Programme Committee

Ernst Buning


Conference president

Ernst Buning is director Q4Q and co-founder and board member of IHRA. He is the president of the International Alcohol and Harm Reduction conferences (2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008). In his present work, Ernst Buning is involved in a number of alcohol projects. Besides his work for the conferences, he has initiated -in cooperation with Dinamo, IHRA and ICAP- the Alcohol Policy Seminar (APS),and is involved in the IHRA led project Alcohol and the City. Furthermore, Ernst is giving various Master Classes on Alcohol related issues.

Gerry Stimson


Executive director IHRA

Professor Gerry Stimson is a public health sociologist committed to working to reduce the harms from psychoactive substance use, improving public health through social and health policy and working internationally to promote harm reduction.

Marjana Martinic


Vice-President for Public Health, International Centre for Alcohol Policies (ICAP)

Marjana's responsibilities at ICAP include development of policy approaches and tools, and building scientific and public health networks.  She is also responsible for ICAP's regional activities and outreach in Europe and Latin America.

She has been on the programme committees of the 2nd and 3rd International Conferences on Alcohol and Harm Reduction

Monica Gorgulho


Director of Dinamo - Reliable information about Drugs and Related issues, based in Brazil and IHRA board member.

Monica has been involved in the organisation of all previous International Conferences on Alcohol and Harm Reduction. She is involved in a number of Brazilian and International Harm Reduction projects besides her work as a psychotherapist.

Jamie Bridge


Communications and Project Development Officer, IHRA

Jamie has a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Drugs Policy from Imperial College, London. His role at IHRA includes developing the programme for the annual IHRA conferences, developing project proposals and grant applications, writing content for both the IHRA and conference websites and e-newsletters, and working on several projects such as IHRA's new alcohol website - www.ihra.net/alcohol and the new Global Alcohol Harm Reduction Network (GAHR-Net).

Keith Evans


Director, Primary Health Care and Drug Strategy, South Australian Department of Health.

Keith has undertaken work on behalf of ICAP with the Government's of England, Scotland, South Africa and Botswana on the development of sustainable alcohol policies. Keith is a member of the Australian Inter-governmental Committee on Drugs and of the Board of Directors of the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions.

Suresh Kumar


Senior Consultant in Psychiatry at Chennai, India and IHRA Board member


Jack Law


Director Alcohol Focus Scotland, UK

Geoff Munro

Director, Community Alcohol Action Network, Australian Drug Foundation


Caitlin Padgett


Co-ordinator Youth RISE (Resources. Information. Support. Education.) for Reducing Drug-related Harm
Youth RISE is youth-driven and set up to work with young people from around the world to reduce the risks and harms associated with substance use. Youth RISE focuses on youth peer-to-peer leadership, with youth supported by mentors (more)



Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad, Madrid, Spain



The costs of the conference are covered by Q4Q and IHRA, a small grant from ICAP and the registration fees.




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