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Previous conferences

  • Final report 3rd International Conference Alcohol and Harm Reduction, Creating realistic and concrete solutions (Cape Town, South Africa, 2006). Click here.
  • Final report 2nd International Conference Alcohol and Harm Reduction, New Challenges in a changing world (Warsaw, Poland, 2004). Click here.
  • Book ‘Alcohol and Harm Reduction, an innovative approach for countries in transition' (editors Ernst Buning, Monica Gorgulho, Ana Gloria Melcop, Pat O'Hare, April 2003). This book is based on the 1st International Conference on Alcohol and Harm Reduction, Towards a comprehensive alcohol policy in countries in transition and developing countries, Recife, Brazil, 2002. Click here.

ICAP Blue Book

  • Binge drinking. Click here
  • Young people and alcohol. Click here.
  • Social norms marketing. Click here.
  • Early identification and brief intervention. Click here.
  • Link to the ICAP Blue Book

Alcohol Policy Seminar

  • The Alcohol Policy Seminar (APS)
    A project description for the implementation of the Blue Book. Click here.
  • Report on Alcohol Policy Seminar in Midrand Gauteng, South Africa, July 18-20, 2006. Prepared by Ernst Buning, Monica Gorgulho, Lusanda Rataemane Click here.

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